Development version 4.01.01

The calendar will load into this space.

Send dates to a separate reservation form on your page:

Front-end features:

Back-end features

How to implement the calendar

  1. Add JavaScript tag
  2. Add parameters to script tag:
    • ac-container [required] : ID of DOM element where calendar is to be loaded.
    • ac-item [required] : ID of calendar item to show availability.
    • ac-lang [optional - default "en"] : language to show calendar.
    • ac-months [optional - default "0"] : fixed number of months to show. Default will be responsive
    • ac-width [optional - default "300"] : minimum width of each month.
    • ac-dateStart [optional] :ID of the start date form field in your reservations form.
    • ac-dateEnd [optional] : ID of the end date form field in your reservations form.

Single line of code to include the calendar:

	<script src="ac-assets/ac-functions.js" id="ac-cal" ac-container="my-calendar" ac-item="1" ac-dateStart="date-from" ac-dateEnd="date-to"></script>